Install Webroot With Key Code

Webroot is the most successful brand of Antivirus in the USA. After downloading and installing, you have to install Webroot with key code. The key code is a 20 digit code that contains a combination of numbers and letters. You will get this code inside the box or via your registered email. There are many antivirus software available in the market, then why only choose Webroot? Webroot antivirus scans your full system 60 times fastest than any other antivirus software. It comes with a user-friendly interface that is very simple to use. Process of install Webroot with key code also gives you a free trial. So you can check whether you are investigating your money for the right one or not.

The password manager helps to keep your passwords protected from bad guys. Webroot possesses identity and privacy protection functions. It means your identity and privacy are now fully secured. It also protects your financial details while shopping online. Furthermore, Webroot offers multiple premium features at a very affordable price. Then what are you waiting for? Purchase your Webroot download with key code Antivirus now.

How to Buy Webroot keycode?

  • You can visit your nearby retail store and buy Webroot offline. If you want to go online then you can buy it from online shopping sites.
  • Just go to the shopping site you want.
  • Search Webroot Antivirus.
  • Then select your product and proceed with payment.
  • You can also it from the official Webroot website.
  • Visit
  • Click on the “Protect my home” tab.
  • Then you will see various products offered to install Webroot with key code.
  • There are mainly 3 products.
    1) Single device protection.
    2) Three device protection.
    3) Five device protection.
  • Each of these products comes with a one-year subscription.
  • Select the product you want.
  • Then click the “Add to cart” button.
  • After this, you will be redirected for submission of address and payment details.

Submission of address and payment details to activate webroot with key code

install webroot with keycode

  • Enter your email address.
  • Submit your first name as well as last name.
  • Then select your country and state.
  • Now go for your residential address, name of the city as well as postal code.
  • Then fill in your payment details.
  • First, select the payment method that you are going along with.
  • You can pay through PayPal as well as your credit card.
  • Submit your card number and your CVV code.
  • Then submit the expiry date of your credit card.
  • Finally, you will get OTP on your registered mobile number.
  • Submit this OTP here.
  • Here you have completed the process of buying.

Activate Webroot with key code

  1. After the purchase is complete, next go to from your web browser.
  2. Now it will ask you for your email id as well as key code.
  3. You can find the key code inside the box that you brought.
  4. Otherwise, you can get it on your registered email.
  5. After submission of your email address and key code, here the download page will appear.
  6. Then click on the “Download” button.
  7. As soon as you click on the “download” button, your download will start.
  8. Wait for the download to complete.
  9. After the download is complete, open this file.
  10. Finally, the process of installation begins.

Installation of webroot with key code

  • After you double click on the downloaded file, the installation screen will appear.
  • It will ask you for the key code again.
  • Here submit your 20 digit key code again.
  • Then the screen showing Webroot’s terms and conditions will pop up.
  • Click on the”Agree and continue” button.
  • Then it will ask you to make changes to your device’s settings.
  • Click yes and permit it.
  • Finally, your device will start installing security.
  • After installation is completed, follow on-screen instructions to activate Webroot with key code on your device.